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Root Beer Float (boozy option)


What is more nostalgic and kid friendly than an old-fashioned root beer float? Nothing, that's what. Here is a basic recipe for the warm weather treat for everyone, but I've also added a boozy option and a few ways to upgrade this already irresistible treat.


2 scoops premium vanilla ice cream

1 bottle good quality root beer

Place one scoop ice cream in mug. Bonus points if you put the mug in the freezer beforehand to make it nice and chilled. Add root beer until foam reaches top of mug. Really, you making the foam overflow is even better. Your ice cream to root beer ratio will be better. Add another scoop on top. To serve like a real soda fountain, balance the ice cream on the lip of the mug. We aren't that fancy, so we just  throw the second scoop right into the mug. Serve with a long handled spoon and a straw. Serves one.

Root beer float

Boozy option:

Add an ounce of good quality bourbon or Jagermeister.

Kick it up:

Here's some "other level" options. Add some fresh whipped cream and a cherry. Serve with a cookie straw or crumbled ginger snap cookies. Instead of vanilla ice cream, switch out for chocolate. Or maybe pour some butterscotch syrup down the sides of the mug before filling.

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