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President's Day Punch


On this, our inaugural blog post and recipe, as well as being President's Day weekend, it seemed natural to post a celebratory punch. And what is more celebratory than a champagne punch? A champagne punch made with Red Cream Soda and garnished with blueberries to be exact. This is a very simple drink cocktail and would make an excellent Sunday brunch mimosa alternative. Pair it with a yogurt parfait for a effortlessly perfect brunch pairing.

President's Day Punch


Red Cream Soda
Blueberries or Raspberries


Fill a champagne flute halfway with a good quality red cream soda. We used Kutztown but any high quality cream soda will work. Fill to top with champagne and garnish with fresh berries. We used blueberries but raspberries would be equally as pretty.

Enjoy! We plan to bring you many more recipes from Apothecary Sodas.


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