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We test a classic "Soda Pop Cake"


We've all seen the old soda pop cake featured on Pinterest many times. Many of you probably ate some growing up. I was not so fortunate and was curious about this seemingly "too good to be true" recipe. In it's most basic form, it is simply a box of white cake mix and a bottle of soda, mixed and baked according to the package directions. This seemed too good to be true and I did actually run across a few less-than-favorable reviews of this "recipe". Curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to try one for myself. It doesn't really need a proper recipe since their is no measuring, so I'll let the pictures tell the tale.

First things first, I know there are versions of Soda Pop Cake that involve Jell-O or pudding mix. I decided to make the simpler version with just cake and soda, eliminating some of the variables that could change the outcome of the cake. Plus, I can be a lazy cook, so this way was just easier. I used a simple white cake mix (Duncan Hines) and picked a colorful strawberry soda. I just thought it would be pretty in the cake, but really any flavor will work. I decided to add fresh strawberries and whipped cream to mine and I cooked it in mason jars, mostly for aesthetic purposes. I also topped with strawberry pop rocks. All of these additions are purely optional. But who wouldn't want some carbonated candy "rocks" to top off their soda cake? Now on with the process:

Step 1: Mix your chosen box of cake mix with your chosen bottle of soda. I think a white cake mix with a colorful soda is a nice option. Whisk together well.

cake mixsoda cake mix


Step 2: Pour into mason jars. I used one pint jars and filled about half full. These rise a LOT in the oven. If you fill too full, I can pretty much guarantee a mess. A cannign funnel come in very handy here.

cake mix mason jar


Step 3: Bake until skewer inserted into cake comes out clean. This can vary from how full you fill the jars to the brand of cake mix you choose. So keep an eye on them.

cake mix in oven

See how much they've risen?

Step 4:  Cool completely before frosting or decorating.

Step 5: Decorate. Have fun.

strawberries on cakefresh whipped cream

I added fresh strawberries macerated in sugar and fresh whipped cream. A simple frosting would be equally as delicious.

pop rocks on soda cake

POP ROCKS!! Kids of all all ages will enjoy this little addition. 

soda pop cake

Here is my final take on this recipe. The first thing is it is incredibly moist and airy. The texture is very good. As far as flavor, there was very little strawberry flavor from the soda. I think that a lot of the flavors get lost in the baking process which is slightly disappointing. I would add that the soda made a lovely color and so maybe think of it as more of a way to color the cake. Adding the fresh fruit and whipped cream helped where the flavoring fell short. Would I make it again? Absolutely. It was easy and delicious. This is a great way for kids to get involved. It is something they don't need much help with and can be creative in decorating. I hope you try this. This was such a fun experiment.

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  • Allison on

    I’ve always wondered about this as well. I’m definitely going to try it. I bet it would be great with your cherry syrup poured over the top as well.

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